Introspective Nightmare

doomed from the womb to the tomb
fuck up since birth


a face only a mother could love


still awake at the crack of dawn
no shirt no shoes just my boxers on
thinking of that time once upon
a burst of memories enduce a yawn

a vauge scinerio appears
as that last thought brings tears
i havent seen you for what seems like years
do you know what ive had to endear

fuck ups haunt me
past life taunts me
i am damaged goods
who the fuck wants me?

a little more than three years ago, fuck so much has changed. 

lets hope this works out 

I forget about this scar sometimes


new shoes

I want to run and keep running. I want to get far far away from here. I want to find true happiness. I want to be satisfied with life. I want to look forward to each day and not cringe at the thought of going to work. I’m not saying i don’t want to work either, i wish i could enjoy my work. I wish i did better in high school so i could have enrolled in a good college and not be so scared of the future. I want to have more free time in my day and i want my car to be fixed. I want to lay in open fields and look at the sky and just take a real breath. I want to look out my window and not be tired of what i’m looking at. 

these are my brothers